Kilimanjaro Climb

Goldstar Safari - 3 nights Lakes, 3 nights Laikipia Plateau, 2 nights Masai Mara, 3 nights Lamu Peninsula.
Kilimanjaro is a popular mountain for non-mountaineers to climb. The climb is a serious under taking and must not be rushed. At these heights altitude sickness is the biggest problem. The climb should not be considered in under 5-nights 6 days. Even with this time it is advantageous to spend a few days on a safari at 4000 to 6000 feet. A short safari gives you time to relax and acclimatise before you start on the mountain. Remember that even experienced climbers and guide suffer serious problems through climbing to fast.
Good boots a must
Day  1Day 1  Machame to Shira 
6kms 6 hours 840m climb
Start out from Camp over a small stream, walking over some old lava flows up into the moorland of the Shira Plateau to Camp at 3690m. This is also a good area to spend an extra day simply exploring and strolling about to help acclimatisation.
Dinner and overnight at Shira Camp Site.


Day 2 Shira to Barranco Camp
10kms 6 hours 110m climb
Leaving the Shira Plateau, you walk towards the Kibo Massif, up to Lava Tower Pass at 4750m, pausing to admire the imposing Lava Tower. Then there is a descent to the Barranco Camp Site at 3950m. This valley offers perhaps the most stunning views and scenery of the climb - especially looking north up at the steep cliff-like slopes of Kibo with its glaciers.
Dinner and overnight at Barranco Camp.

Day 3Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp

8km 9 hours 650m climb

The steep slope which you have been admiring looks imposing enough but is smilingly and mischievously called 'Breakfast' by the porters ! After scrambling up this cliff, you walk through a succession of valleys and water courses which tumble down off the slope and picnic at the 'Last Water' of Karanga River as the vegetation becomes high desert type, consisting of tussocky grass clumps and alpine plants and rocky, sandy areas. Again, Karanga Valley can be an extra night stop if this is felt necessary, making for a 7 day and 6 night climb.

It is a long slow slog from Bararanco to the Barafu site, often in mist and altitude really begins to tell here with a chilly wind. The site is rather precarious, perched on an old jagged lava flow with sheer drops close to the toilet area - please take extra care here.
Dinner and overnight (well, a few hours at least - so do try to bed at 7 p.m. latest!) at Barafu Camp.

Eland - The largest



Sable - The Fighter

Day 4
Barafu Camp to 'UHURU PEAK' ('Freedom Peak,' - the Summit) back down to Barafu Hut and on to Mweka Camp Site
Ascent 5 km 7 hours (or as long as it takes !)
Descent 14 km 7 hours 2800m
Around midnight, you will be awoken with a hot drink - and encouraging words - to start the final stage of the Climb in the night, led by your guides who will illuminate the track. Departure is at this time so that you can walk on the still frozen snow and scree and enjoy the magical sunrise at your arrival on the crater rim. The cold can be very intense and the wind violent. The path is mainly scree and rock, becomes very steep and the 5-6 hour climb exhausting because of the lack of oxygen. You follow the path between the Ratzel and Rebmann Glaciers, arriving at the Crater Rim of Kibo between Stella and Hans Meyer Points. After only another hour, you reach 'UHURU PEAK' at 5896m ('Peak of Freedom,' where the TANZANIA national flag was hoisted on Independence Day 9 December 1961).

This is the Roof of Africa and the crowning achievement of all your hard effort and for you and your climbing companions, a very special day…..
The view is wonderful but the Summit can be windy so do take care.

After photos and a rest, one hour back to Stella Point and then 2 more hours of rather steep descent through the ankle deep scree. This greyish thick sand has now lost its early morning frosty firmness. It is very slippy so, again - take care, before reaching the rocky site of Barafu Hut for a short rest and pack up camp.

No you press on to Mweka Camp Site - a long and demanding stage downhill but usually done in an elated state of mind! This route is steep, over the high desert, a very rutted and gullied path down through the heather and moorland vegetation bands and then into the scrub forest where the camp site is situated in a lovely glade with views of the peak. A well-deserved restful and joyful night follows.
Dinner and overnight at Mweka Hut.





What are you waiting for?
Day 5
Mweka Hut to Mweka Gate to L'Oasis Lodge
8km 5 hours 1400m descent

Now follows an exhilarating descent down the well-worn gullied track off the Mountain into the high trees of the montane forest - a chance of seeing colobus monkey - a quick picnic break, if required and then proceed down to Mweke Gate where your transfer vehicle awaits - receive your Certificates and proceed to L'Oasis Lodge for much-needed welcome shower, 'R&R'
and celebration !

Dinner and overnight at L'Oasis Lodge




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