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Goldstar Safari - 3 nights Lakes, 3 nights Laikipia Plateau, 2 nights Masai Mara, 3 nights Lamu Peninsula.



The Kenya climate is perfect for most out door sporting activities e.g. golf, cricket, fishing, rafting, hiking, tennis are possible all year round. At the coast most water sports are widely available including those activities centred around the Indian Ocean and coral reef. A number of the hotels also offer well-equipped gym and squash courts.

Always arrange your sports though a competent operator who knows the country. Kenya has many areas, which are inhabited by dangerous animals. It is also very important to take into account the altitude you are participating at. Our professional staff will take all of these into account when planning your itinerary.

Day  1Day 1 - 3  Rift Valley Lake 
On arrival you will be transferred to the Windsor Golf and Country Club (5 star) for 1-night stay on basis of bed & breakfast. To be tempted by this safari you will be quite fit and what better way to start your introduction to high altitude sports than a round of golf at this championship course.
Enjoy the many activities offered at this scenic hotel.
Windsor Golf and Country Club



Day 2Day 2 Tana River - Aberdare Mountains (whitewater rafting).
White Water Rafting
After breakfast you have a 2 hrs drive into the highlands. It was here that the early settlers established huge ranches in the fertile lands of the Kikuyu people. You will see coffee plantations, which produce the rich coffee for which Kenya is so well known. You will also see honey and pineapples for sale, as these are Kenya's richest farming land.
Once at the Tana River you will be briefed on whitewater rafting and the water rafting begins. The rafts are small semi-rigid with paddles taking 2 - 5 people per boat. The river flows from the Aberdare Mountains, loops under Mt Kenya through Meru National Park before turning south on its 200 mile journey to the Indian Ocean
The river varies in temperament according to the recent rainfall in the Aberdare Mountains. There will be lots of excitement interspersed with some very pleasant paddling where we can take in the stunning variety of bird life. The adventure starts by rafting class II - III rapids for approximately 2 miles (3 km). After that the river slows down you are able to relax for about an hour or more and view the abundance of bird life or take a swim. The final 4 miles (7 km) is class III waters and a class IV rapid just for fun. Due to the water levels the rapids may more or less intense - but with names like "Raging Thunder", "Zigzag", "Captain's Folly", "Spasm" and "Sphincter Flexor" you know it will be a riot.
During the afternoon we will spend some time "surfing" the rapids with our boat and getting out of the raft for some adrenaline pumping adventure. If we choose we will jump into flowing rapids and off a 30 - foot waterfall! After rafting for approximately 5 hours we will have a barbecue by the river before a relaxing evening at our camp. Overnight at Tana River Camp. (FB)


The Tana River whitewater rafting, due to the water levels the rapids may more or less intense - but with names like "Raging Thunder", "Zigzag", "Captain's Folly", "Spasm" and "Sphincter Flexor" you know it will be a riot

Day 3
Day 3 Aberdare Mountains - Hells Gate National Park (mountain biking, wildlife viewing).
You will make an early start for the drive across to Hell's Gate National Park (3 1/2 hrs). On the way we head into the Rift Valley and look over the edge with its amazing views and 1,000 ft sheer drop to the valley floor. In Hell's Gate we will be greeted by mobile camp, which is already set up, and waiting with cool drinks. Camp is set up on the edge of an escarpment (6,000 ft in elevation) and looks down into the valley. The view is great and we will see wildlife wandering the valley floor. The geological formation of the Park is fascinating with many different rock types.
In the afternoon we mount our 18-speed Mountain Bikes and ride down into the valley on the "Giraffe Circuit". This is aptly named since it is common to see giraffe fairly close while riding. We will also be on the lookout for wildebeest, buffalo, and other game. On the way we pass Fischer's' Tower. This is an impressive volcanic "boss" - a massive and scenic rock plug originally made lava extruded from the ground for a several hundred feet. The entire time we will have a "sag-wagon" follow us in case we decide that a ride is preferable to biking. Biking will take us roughly 3 - 4 hours and a climb of 500 - 700 vertical feet.
After our "biking safari" we head back to camp and enjoy waiting drinks and snacks. After dinner we will sit up around the fire and listen to the stories of the bush told by our guide and camp staff. Overnight Hells Gate Mobile Camp. (B,L,D)
Hell's Gate National Park





Day 4 Hike up Extinct Volcano
Climb the extinct volcano - Mount Longonot with picnic lunch at the rim.
The full itinerary:
The Big Hike! You start the assent at 6000 ft. The hike takes approximately 1½ hour you will leave the lodge at 6.15 am and will start at approximately 7 am.
This hike to the top of the Great Rift Valley will give you the chance to experience the freedom and awesome wildness of East Africa. Mt Longonot is just less than 9100 ft above sea level with a tree filled interior and a lonesome steam vent to the northeast.
Like all good uphill hikes it will lull you in to a sense of false security with a slow gentle rise to the first peak. This gives you a chance to get your lungs and limbs freed up for the second section, which is the most awesome. At the end of each section there is a rest point where you can prepare your self for the next part of your journey. You will have started early to avoid the heat of the Sun but by the time you reach the end of the second section you would have generated your own heat. This hike is not an easy hike but is achievable by people of average fitness. An indication of the fitness required is that most school children of the age 14 and 15 take this climb while attending school in Nairobi. Once you have finished the second section there is another rest bite of slightly less demanding terrain, before making the final climb on the fourth section. This again is a demanding section, though not as demanding as the second section.
As you heave your self over the rim of the crater your reward is the awesome sight of Naivasha and the Great Rift Valley and you know that it was all worthwhile.
A ranger accompanies you on the hike. He will act as a guide. As there are wild animals in the area he is armed. Paul (the guide) has been a ranger for 10 years and has not used the gun once on his daily trips up and down the mountain.
Mt Longonot is just less than 9100 ft above sea level with a tree filled interior and a lonesome steam vent to the northeast.


Mt Longonot map view



Day 5Day 5 Masai Mara Game Reserve (wildlife viewing).
(wildlife viewing).
From the lake we drive to the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve where we will spend two or more days in one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world (4.5 - 5.5 hr drive). You will see lots of game on the drive to the Camp. The environmentally friendly Base Camp is on the banks of the Tarak River. From here you can head into bush and explore the wilder parts of the Mara. The camp boasts a "viewing tower" which is excellent for seeing game as it comes down to the river. The permanent safari tents are larger than most and possess furniture made of local materials with a private shower.
The Masai Mara is home to a wide variety of wildlife. We will most likely see lion, cheetah, hyena, elephant, rhino and a wide array of plains game. If we are lucky we may spot a leopard, crocodile and the smaller cats.
Depending upon our arrival time we may head out for an evening game drive. Overnight at Dream Camp. (FB)


Day 6,7 or 8Day 6,7 or 8 Masai Mara - Nairobi
After breakfast and game walks depart for Nairobi, past the Great Rift Valley and special evening at Carnivore restaurant.
Overnight Windsor.
Day 5 Flight home - (home sweet home)

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